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Corporate identity

The University's corporate identity is enhanced not only by a new design language and its accompanying color scheme, but also by the creation and adherence to an internal and external unified identity. For this purpose, there are unified templates for business cards, stationery, email signatures, envelopes, folders, and PowerPoint presentations.


Email Signature

Mail signatures come in two versions: Hebrew and English. In the Hebrew version, the logo is positioned to the right of the text, and in the English version the logo is positioned to the left of the text.

After downloading the template, fill out the details while maintaining the black or dark blue color of the text, the font size, and using Bold where necessary. When finished, copy the entire information (using Ctrl-A) to the Signature Menu in Outlook.

For those using Gmail or Macintosh computers, please contact the Division of Marketing & Communication by email for instructions:

Mail signature download format click here

Office Stationery


Our stationery guidelines refer to standard A4 size paper (21 cm wide x 29.7 cm long).

The horizontal logo should be placed at the top part of the letterhead, on the top right for a Hebrew logo, and on the top left for English. The sender’s address will be listed at the bottom using Arial font, aligned to the right for Hebrew and to the left for English.

Letterhead templates have been created for use by the different University units, such as Faculties, Departments and Divisions.

Click here to download the templates.


Stationery for Officers of the University will incorporate the logo and name of the University official in Hebrew and English. The name of the University official will appear to the left of the logo.

The Dept. of Office Services is in charge of designing these templates. Contact them by email:


Business Cards

All business cards are printed on a standard size paper (90 mm wide x 50 mm long). The cards are double-sided: one side of the card is in Hebrew and the other is in English.

There are very few cases in which two logos can be displayed on the same side of a card (in these rare instances, the maximum number of logos per card side is two). It is forbidden to use an altered or a manipulated logo.

In order to ensure the identity and uniformity of business cards, a specific type of printing paper has been chosen: White Munken 300 g.

The Dept. of Office Services can supply all University guidelines and rules regarding the design of business cards, as well as types of paper approved for use. Contact them by email: .



The official envelope of the Hebrew University is a standard white envelope, 23 cm wide by 11 cm high. This envelope should be used only with a colored logo.

On brown envelopes (size A5, A4 and more), we use the black and white logo.

All types of envelopes have Hebrew and English text. Sender information and the horizontal logo of the English version appear on the left side of the envelope, leaving room for stamp and recipient address.



There are different types of folders: General folders, festive folders, folders for an Institute or School within a Faculty, and folders combining images. Any color combination based on the chosen color scheme can be used, as long as it is in accordance with the guidelines defined in the Brand Book and on this website.


Templates for PowerPoint Presentations

There are several templates for PowerPoint presentations for University staff use only.

Guidelines for presentations:

Use black font ARIAL.

Headlines: Should be aligned to the left for English and to the right for Hebrew (and in any event, not in the middle). Maintain a consistent alignment and format throughout the presentation. Avoid using unnecessary effects in the headlines.

Color: Chose your color theme for the presentation from the palette of colors as indicated on this website and the Brand Book. Headlines should be in the same color tone as the colored bar at the bottom of the page, or a different color from the color scheme that allows clear reading of the text. The rest of the text will be typed in black or grey. 

Click here to download the templates.