Graphics: Typography, Shapes and Colors

The University’s new visual language was designed to meet the varied needs of the University and its many units.

The new language is based on three main elements: typography, shapes and colors.


As part of the new branding, a new font has been in Hebrew, called “HUJI,” which is used exclusively by the Hebrew University. HUJI is used in headlines only. Other text in Hebrew is written in New Font (ניופונט). For English we use TheSans font.


The Sans

פונט דה סנס לשימוש באנגלית

New Font

New Font


The Shapes of the new design language are comprised of two polygons, one on top of the other. The base shape is a fixed-positioned square with a cut angle in the top corner. A transparent polygon is positioned on top of it, and it can be of different shapes and colors.

Examples of shapes



The color is a dominant and important component in the University's new design language. The chosen color scheme is unique in the academic landscape, conveying freshness and innovation. The use of distinctive colors adds depth and richness to the brand.

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